Free Flight contest calendar - from FFn

Latest update: 04/10/2023

October 4-9
Lost Hills, California, USA
Kotuku World Cup of New Zealand. F1A F1B F1C F1P F1Q F1E World Cup event. Contact: Brian Van Nest, tel: +17609370177, email:
October 6-8
Ankara, Turkey
Anatolian Free Flight Cup. F1A F1B F1C World Cup event. Contact: Necdet Ergin, email: or
October 8
Salisbury Plain
Croydon Coupe Europa / SAM1066 Day. Start 10.00. Coupe Europa F1G ( in rounds), Vintage Coupe, SAM1066: Combined Vintage / Classic Glider, Mini Vintage. Contact Ray Elliott. Tel 020 8997 7745
October 7-8
Capannori (Lucca), Italy
17° Trofeo "Città di Capannori" - Memorial 'Bruno Fiegl'. Open International. F1A F1B F1C F1Q F1G F1H F1S Contact: Fabrizio CECCARINI, tel: +393474308840, email: or
October 14-15
Šentjernej, Slovenia
Krka Cup 2023. F1A F1B F1C World Cup event. Contact: Dragan Stankovic, tel: +38641860891, email:
October 15
Area Venues
BMFA 8th Area - Team Glider Day. CG (Model Engineer, Plugge, Team), F1B (Duce, Plugge), F1J, E36, SLOP (Frog Senior, Plugge), Mini Vintage, P30, H/CLG, E30. Area Contacts
October 21-22
Arbigny 01190, France NOTE DATE CHANGE
Critérium Rhône-Alpes 2023 & 18ème Philippe Lepage. F1A F1B F1C F1Q World Cup event. Contact: Jean-Pierre Challine, tel: +33611955711, email:
October 21-22
Peak District or near Melton Mowbray
BMFA 6th F1E. F1E Flying 1 or 2 days according to weather. Contact: Ian Kaynes 01252 512538
October 21
Borne, Germany
German F1Q Cup. F1Q World Cup event. Contact: Andreas Lindner, email:
October 27-28
Mühlethurnen, Switzerland
Gürbe Cup. F1A F1B F1C F1Q World Cup event. Contact: Andrist Dominik, tel: +41774181047, email:
October 28
(Saturday) Barkston Heath
BMFA Midland Gala (Team Selection fall back) * F1H, F1G, 1/2A, E36, SLOP, Mini Vintage, P30, H/CLG, CO2. Contact Phil Ball 07470177947
November 5 or 19
BMFA Buckminster Gala. Date to be announced on November 3. Classic A1 glider, BMFA Classic Glider (50m towline both classes), E36  (5 sec. motor run all flights), Combined P30 / Pre- 1970 Coupe d’Hiver, Mini- Vintage, Combined HLG/ CLG. Start 10am.Due to site limitations some departures from BMFA rules may be necessary. Contact: Stuart Darmon. 01858 882057
December 2 or 3
North Luffenham
9th Grande Coupe de Birmingham. See FFn 2310. F1G Aeromodeller Trophy 2 flights between 10.00 and 12.00 then 3 rounds; Pre-1970 Coupe 3 flights no rounds start 10.00. Finish 14.45 followed by flyoffs £10 entry covers both events. Contact: - Gavin Manion at tel 01543 422509 or Stuart Darmon at tel 01858 882057. Email the contacts to show interest and receive notice on November 30 of which day will be chosen.
December 9-10
Slanic Prahova, Romania
World Cup Memorial Otto Hints. F1D World Cup event. Contact: Secretary General, tel: +40723620600, email:
December 11-15
Slanic Prahova, Romania
F1D European Championships. Contact: Secretary General, tel: +40723620600, email:
December 14
Urim, Israel
Negev Open. F1A F1B F1C F1P F1Q World Cup event. Contact: Ron Miasnikov, tel: +972524545459, email:
December 15-16
Urim, Israel
Hanukkah Open. F1A F1C F1B F1P F1Q World Cup event. Contact: Ron Miasnikov, tel: +972524545459, email:
March 23-26
Slanic Prahova, Romania
2024 World Championships F1D
July 22-26
Salonta, Romania
2024 European Championships F1A F1B F1C
August 6-10
Prilep, North Macedonia
2024 Junior World Championships F1A F1B F1P